Wetland Assessment Services

What Are Wetlands?

“Wetlands” is the collective term for marshes, swamps, bogs, and similar areas found in generally flat vegetated areas, in depressions in the landscape, and between dry land and water along the edges of streams, rivers, lakes, and coastlines. Wetlands can be found in nearly every county and climatic zone in the United States. Most likely, a wetland exists in your neighborhood or very close to it. Because they are so varied, wetlands can be difficult to recognize. Some are wet all of the time; some may look completely dry most of the time. nnSome wetlands are large and some are very small. Many have been altered by human activities such as farming, ranching, and the building of roads, dams, and towns. Wetlands are among the most productive ecosystems in the world. Protecting wetlands in turn can protect our safety and welfare. Wetlands are protected through the federal government and by individual state laws and regulations. Having wetlands on a property can have significant implications on property values and regulatory review.

How can G.C. Environmental, Inc. help you?

GCE performs an inspection, or delineation, to determine whether an area is a wetland and establish the wetland boundaries. This includes evaluating whether the proposed project site will be located within federal and/or state designated wetlands and, if so, GCE offers recommendations on relocating the site and/or assistance in obtaining the necessary Federal and/or State permits.

Quality Assurance

Our permitting and compliance team has the regulatory knowledge and experience to obtain your environmental permits quickly and efficiently.

24/7 Response

We provide a simple and effective Spill Response Program, our skilled staff are always on-call ready to respond to any emergency call.

Certified Technicians

G.C. Environmental is a licensed company that has a specialized team of professionally-trained and qualified Environmental Professionals.


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