Tank Removals

What Are Tank Removals?

Tank Removal is the closure and then removal of a tank from a site in compliance with government regulations. Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) and Aboveground Storage Tanks (ASTs) systems must meet the closure requirements when an owner and operator decide to close the UST and AST systems. USTs and ASTs must be closed properly to ensure that tanks are removed safely, and that no contamination has occurred in the area of the tanks.

How can G.C. Environmental, Inc. help you?

GCE is a licensed company that has a specialized team of professionally trained and qualified Environmental Professionals which ensure that all tank removals are performed correctly and in compliance with government regulations. GCE has removed or closed in-place hundreds of tanks and related apparatus, halting further contamination. When necessary during closure activities, we make an effort to remediate stained soils by carrying out pre-removal sampling and analysis.

Quality Assurance

Our permitting and compliance team has the regulatory knowledge and experience to obtain your environmental permits quickly and efficiently.

24/7 Response

We provide a simple and effective Spill Response Program, our skilled staff are always on-call ready to respond to any emergency call.

Certified Technicians

G.C. Environmental is a licensed company that has a specialized team of professionally-trained and qualified Environmental Professionals.


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