Oil Spill Closure

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  • Client. Private Client
  • Location. New York, NY
  • Year. 2019
  • Project. Spill Closure
  • Industry. Real Estate

Oil Spill Cleanup Activities

GCE was chosen to investigate the failed test of the below ground remote fill pipe for a property in Manhattan. Based on investigation, a release was discovered, remediated, and closed the DEC Spill Number # according to the NYSDEC DER-10 Technical Guidance for Site Investigation and Remediation. Accessible contaminated soil discovered in the excavation area was placed into a hundred eighteen (118) 55-gallon DOT drums, removed from the Site, transported and disposed of according to the applicable regulatory standards. End point samples were collected. Upon completion of investigation and remediation, the excavation area was backfilled with clean soil and restored with concrete, and the DEC Spill Number # was closed.