Tank Remediation

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  • Client. Private Client
  • Location. New Rochelle, NY
  • Year. 2019
  • Project. Remediation & Site Closure
  • Industry. Private Client

Underground Storage Tank Removal

GCE was chosen to complete removal of the two (2) 8,000-gallon capacity #6 fuel oil steel underground storage tanks (USTs) and associated ancillary equipment by using remove/disposal method and investigate/verify the conditions of soil and groundwater and necessary remedial action to address impacts associated with the release identified during tank removal activity.
The two (2) 8,000-gallon underground storage tanks were closed in accordance the requirements of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC), Westchester County Department of Health (WCDH), as well as City of New Rochelle Fire and Police agencies. During the tank removal activity remedial work and subsurface investigations were performed at the subject property. All petroleum impacted soil within the tanks` location was excavated, stockpiled, placed into 20-yards dump trucks and removed from the site and disposed of. In total approximately 7,000-gallons of impacted water and approximately 885-tons of contaminated soil was removed from the Site and disposed of and closure report was completed.